August….the final countdown

So tomorrow is AUGUST already!  EEK.  I posted this on my personal FB page, because it accurately sums up my emotions…plus, I am a Jennifer fan:

I have a Data workshop on the 4th and a Reading workshop on the 10th (with THE Donalyn Miller!!) and then Mentor teacher workshops the 22nd/23rd, Student assessments the 24th/25th, and the 29th teachers report back for workshop week.  Oof Dah!

As I think about this summer I could reflect on how much I didn’t get done that I wanted to (A LOT,) or how I wish there were more days to take my son to the pool and zoo (MANY MORE,) or even how busy I have been with all the “stuff” that I am involved in and doing (see last post,) but I want to try to enter August on a more positive note!

You see, the past few weeks have been really hard for me, personally.  I realized that some people are not going to always be there as you pursue passions.  Many more, however, will be your personal cheerleaders!  I’ve learned, or rather re-learned, that friendship is a two-way street, and you get what you give.  I haven’t been giving very much because I have been putting other things first, and therefor have lost touch with some people I thought were close friends.  But, that has also taught me that good friends will come back around, and if they don’t, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  I am not going to get all preachy, but I think things happen for a reason.  I have been trying to do a lot of soul searching and re-prioritizing what is important to me in life.


So, as August comes around, here are the positives I am looking forward to for the month (not in any particular order):

  • Data workshop to prepare me for a new role in my building
  • Reading Workshop with one of my teaching idols, to help my students become lifelong readers
  • Reconnecting with coworkers who I haven’t seen in awhile and learning from them
  • Making the most of the last 3 weeks by planning some special excursions with my 5yo
  • Celebrating my 8 year anniversary with my hubby on the 2nd!
  • Reconnecting with some friends over drinks and apps, catching up on their amazing lives and families
  • Working with 2 fabulous new team members!
  • Seeing Metallica live in the new Vikings stadium on the 20th (yes…I have eclectic music taste that ranges from pop Hanson to Metal like Metallica….deal with it.)
  • Getting my 5yo amped up to be in Kindergarten!
I know many teachers are already heading back, if not already in school.  Just remember, you get out earlier than I do!  So, I am going to soak up this month and try to let the sunshine shed some positivity on my life :o)  Happy August.

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